Friday, January 14, 2011

MEAT STORM on my birfday.

my birfday was on wednesday (yes, you missed it), and the wiler treated me to a lunch at fogo de chao. it's one of those brazilian steakhouses. and they make it rain meat. delcious delicious red meat. it looked a lot like this:

ive been a few times, and it never ceases to amaze. probably about 10 different meats during lunch. though why you'd get anything other than the filet and bottom sirloin is beyond me. mmmmmmm bottom sirloin.

anyway here's the link to the website. peruse and be jealous:


and here's what i got for my bday from the roomies!

from the wiler:
breadmaker (something i've been whining about for quite some time)

from dan:
a flag stick for the eighteenth hole (our front yard) of our frisbee golf course

and glow in the dark frisbees for our nighttime 4loko frisbee golf outings.

also, on a sad side note. a friend of mine from my regular bar took his own life on wednesday. he was a great guy and had a lot of close friends. they all came out in support of each other and the outpouring of emotion was humbling.

you will be missed, greg. i hope you are at peace.


joaj34 said...

Holy shit. It was your birthday. That's what you get for having a bday during SNOWpocalypse. Happy belated.

klydelanta said...

thank you, sir.