Tuesday, January 04, 2011

movie review for the layman, by the layman.

Easy A: 3.5/5

admittedly, i do not like emma stone. mainly bc she reminds me of someone who i dislike...very strongly. but as an actress, it's hard to deny her appeal. from superbad to zombieland, and now to easy a. she's got it going on. though i hold zombieland close to my heart, she could let her acting chops shine a little more in this movie. funny and sentimental and well acted all around. it's a modern day take on 'the scarlet letter' and nails it. with stanley tucci (who is probably one of my favorite actors of all time) and thomas hayden church turning in awesome performances, emma stone is really just the heaping glob of publix icing on top.

go netflix/download/stream this.

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Scott Hall said...

Stef and I watched it this weekend. I definitely thought it was worth renting.