Monday, January 03, 2011

happy belated new year!

didn't do too much on new year's eve.
watched a horrible horrible liberty bowl.
lots of yelling and tearing of clothes.
went to my regular bar around 10pm for a free buffet:
cajun fried turkey (which surprisingly kinda sucked)
blacked eyed peas (for good luck, southern-style)
and corn bread

then had some drinks and champagne at midnight, and turned it in early.

the next day me and the wiler went to my family's new years day celebration, which is basically a money-grab for us young ones. we pay respect to all of our elders, they wish us good tidings for the new year, and give out some cash. then we sit down for lunch, then play "yut". it's a korean game that's traditionally played on new years. i set up a bracket, and we had a little tournament. i got knocked out early, and some white dude ended up taking the title away from grandma.

rolling bones, korean-style

hope yall's new year was just as good.

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