Tuesday, January 04, 2011

i'm on a poster! and being held down by "the man"

i won the last chili cookoff by a landslide, and some people got their poor little feelings hurt that i won with a creative and non-traditional chili. they complained. the owner listened. and new rules were implemented. basically they rigged the rules so that i can't make the same chili again. cowards. it aint my fault yalls southern chili sucks ass. you know what they should do, stop whining and make a better chili. but alas this is the south, and we can't have a foreigner win a chili contest.

you've already seen my chili creation for this year in an earlier post. most likely it would be disqualified for being too creative, too delicious, and too awesome.

should i play by the rules that "the man" says?
do i buck the rules, and make a kick ass non-traditional chili?

we shall see.
we. shall. see.

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