Tuesday, January 11, 2011

blood on the ice...lots has happened

let me s'plain
no there is too much
let me sum up

not sure if you heard, georgia got some snow and ice.
for me, the past 2 days has consisted of:

pics of the eating will be posted at a later time. the vegging is self explanatory, so is the sleeping (with the help of a heated mattress pad).

the snowy shenanigans was.....an adventure.

me and cvd went to trivia thursday night, confident in the fact that we would miss the snow (supposed to start around 11pm, we left at 8). it started coming down as we left home. after about an hour, there was about 2-3 inches on the roads already. we checked out of trivia at halftime, and headed home. cause it started looking BAD on the roads. and we all know georgia drivers may be the worst on the planet (aside from middle aged asian women).

throughout the night, 4-5 inches of snow fell, then the sleet. about a good .25 - .5 inches of good ole fashioned ice. so what we were greeted with the next day was a thick layer of ice, on top of fluffy snow. great for some sledding.

so, armed with cookie-sheet trays, me, cvd, woots, and the wiler all headed out across the street to the park. the hill we decided to try our luck on was a short but steep hill, the only downside was that it ended into a side of a building.

when we arrived, there were already some folks there, having a good ole time. cvd wanted to start out the sledding. clutching the cookie sheet close to his chest, he reared back and took a diving leap forward. landing hard, sliding approximately 2.5 feet, before he came off the tray, and face planted.

we all have a good laugh. cvd splayed out on the ground, lying face-down in the snow....then


apparently, cvd had cut open his face on the ice when he slid into it. and as we all know, the head bleeds incredibly well. there was a giant pool of blood where his head was, and he literally left a bright gleaming trail of crimson wherever he went. cvd, using his combat veteran training, field dressed the wound and got back into the fight. we eventually got down the hill without one of us losing 2 quarts of blood.

unfortunately, none of this was captured on digital media. but it looked something like this:

cvd confident in his sledding abilities

cvd sledding (actual photo)


oooooohhh. that's gonna leave a mark (also fairly accurate amonut of blood coming down cvd's face)

what he looked like after he dressed his wounds

more snowy adventures to come...stay tuned.

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