Thursday, January 27, 2011

casa veija

its a colombian joint near buford highway. we went here for our monthly youth program staff meeting. (one of the first things i implemented when i got to this job). cause ya can't beat buford hwy food once a month on the company dollar.

this place was awesome. huge servings. huge. and delicious. and cheap.
i got the bandeja peisa. a super traditional dish, and i've been told that the first word is not a curse word down in colombia.

here's my plate:
thats steak, sausage, fried pork skin, rice w/ poached egg and salsa, beans, polenta, fried plantains, and a slice of avacado...and i had a mango shake to wash it all down.

stay tuned for my stirring commentary on "bring it on: the musical"

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Allison said...

Mmmm, mango shake. Delicioso.