Tuesday, January 18, 2011

i've ceased to be amazed how much i post about food

i should probably put things up other than food, but really i'm not that interesting. so for the wiler's bday we went out to ted's. it's ted turner's restaurant chain and their claim to fame are their bison burgers.
which we both tried.
which i didn't like.
bison is just too lean to make into a burger, maybe like a stew or something.
just not a lot of flavor in it.
i'm glad i tried it, but won't be having it again.

here was mine
the america's cup burger: ground buffalo, ameican cheese, smokey bacon, grilled onions and mushrooms.

the wiler's:
i'm not totally sure what she got, but from the looks of it, maybe a mushroom and swiss with grilled onion?

oh and this weekend the roomies are going to a very special brunch! so stay tuned!
(and yes, i'll try to post more things not related to food)


Heidi said...

I liked the bison! And there is no way that was Swiss, so I vote Provolone?

There was something off with the burger as it was too juicy (ie. the bun was too soggy). But I liked how they toasted the bun before putting the burger on it. Maybe they have to do or the bun would be wayyy too soggy to eat.

But I should write my comments on my own blog not yours ;-)

klydelanta said...

they did overcook my burger, but still the taste should have been better.

the toasted bun was a nice addition, but didn't make up for the meat.