Tuesday, October 12, 2010


so a while ago, my house was broken into, and my ps3 and my laptop were taken. thankfully, no one was home.

and while both the ps3 and laptop can be replaced, there was one document on the laptop that cannot. my korean chili recipe.

yes, in the grand scheme of things, it's insignificant. but i worked very hard on it, won a contest with it, and was pretty proud of it.

so here's all that remains of that night. enjoy...

here's the set-up:
on top of a pool table and a couple of extra tables. and loads and loads of power strips.
16 contestants in all.
everyone who came got to be a judge.
we were graded on creativity of ingredients, originality, and taste.

here's my stuff:
texas style chili (no beans)
2 types of korean bbq, bul-go-gi and galbi
served over rice, topped with homemade kimchee, gim (seaweed), and green onion

settin up mah station:

winner winner chicken dinner:

how the scoring ended up that night:
1st: 340 pts (utter korean domination)
2nd: 201 pts
3rd: 199 pts

but alas the recipe is no more. you will be missed, sir.


joaj34 said...

nice t-shirt.

Heidi said...

I will sacrifice for the people and try all your efforts to remember your recipe!