Wednesday, October 13, 2010

PRIDE Atlanta

this past weekend was a busy one. on saturday, i had to work our annual TEA (together empowering asians) Walk. i was in charge of trash, recycling, and drinks. it was a good time. free food, free tshirt, and lots and lots of asians.

those pics will be up sometime soon.

on sunday, i woke up early again to attend the atlanta PRIDE parade, reppin cpacs. i really didn't know what to expect. i've never been in a parade before, and it turned out to be crazy fun. we walked from downtown atlanta to peidmont park, about 2 miles, and the crowd was super into it. here's the evidence. enjoy...

that's me on the left, with my beautiful wings.

this guy was part of our float

pre-parade, i walked around and snapped some photos

snapshot during the parade

other than a few protesters that were screaming we were all going to hell, everyone there was super nice, and there was a great energy. and anyone who would like to march next year, please let me know cause i'm definitely going again.

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