Sunday, October 03, 2010

mah new boyfriend

my first football post in a while, and mostly it will be ramble-y and incoherent.

1. yes, aj green is my boyfriend, and you cannot have him. cause i will be his baby mama.

2. yes, we suck this year. 1-4 is not the record of an elite team. but we're getting better every game.

3. are we better than our record? maybe.

4. why do you white folks hate muslims, hispanics, blacks, poor people, reason, and accountability?

5. we have to learn a new d. we're breaking in a new qb. for the last few games, no aj green. and an offensive line that has been struggling. an ineffective run game. basically, the perfect storm of potential and realized failure.

6. it obvious we don't have the same level of talent in years past (except for my boyfriend).

7. the people who are talking about firing richt, are the same people from #4.

8. groundhog's day is an awesome movie: "don't drive angry, don't drive angry!"

9. denard robinson is retard-ly good at football. he's like the entire oregon offense in a single man. but not like a regular man, like a genetically modified super cheetah that has a laser-rocket passing arm.

10. as long as we beat florida, i'll say this season is a wash.

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