Tuesday, October 19, 2010

atlanta zombie apocolypse

scrambling through a wasteland full of the walking dead.

our only protectors, two soldiers, one level-headed the other section 8, both carrying rifles.

and us, a motley crew of 12 delicious brains, ripe for the eating.


i'm not a huge fan of haunted houses. actually, i think they mostly kinda suck. but the promise of a huge converted warehouse (atlanta paintball), zombies, and shooting zombies with paintball guns was too much to resist.

we made our way through winding claustrophobic corridors, to a burned out mad-max style open ground, and then back inside the bloodstained warehouse.

our army guards had modified paintball guns shooting co2. loud and effective. at one point we ran into someone with either a handgun with blanks, or a starter pistol. either way, it was super loud in an enclosed space, and very jarring.

all the zombies were great. they were the slow movers of yesteryear, not the carl-lewis-type from the new dawn of the dead/28 days later.

we were told to stay in the middle of the hallways (zombies would reach out from doorways). not to fall behind. and GO GO GO!

there was a weak storyline of a scientist gone mad, but it really didn't matter. when zombies are coming at you, you don't care about sub-plot.

[side note, i almost had my shirt taken off by one of our group members. because at the very beginning she latched onto it, almost never let go. and when zombies would attack, she would push me forward and subsequently the shirt would ride up my back. at several points, i was flashing all my back fat to the group]

afterwards, there was a shooting range of zombies. it was fun but i was kinda expecting getting to shoot zombies as they came at us in the warehouse. but i realized the safety issues wouldn't allow such things. and honestly, i probably would have shot some of my own group members, if they weren't pulling their weight.

so all in all, one of the best "haunted houses" i've ever been to. highly recommended.

here are some pics, enjoy...

this was selena's "presentation" for our group at my place before we went to zombie apocalypse (it was the thriller video...awesome)...sorry a little dark


shooting zombies with paintballs, the only way to "kill" them was shooting them in the head. also, shooting them in the crotch was just as effective.

our crew minus me, tucker, and fidel (they're camera-shy)

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