Friday, October 01, 2010

spades kountry kooking

while trying to decide where we(ktl and the wiler) could get a good pre-dem-georgia-bulldawgs-game lunch, we decided upon Spades Kountry Kooking.

a mile away from our house, next door to our bar. haven't tried going in till a couple of weekends ago. damn me.

this is some of the best bbq i've ever had. the best?! very possible. it's at least in the top 3.

the ribs are cooked perfect. but it's the sauce that makes it. the sauce is KILLER. spicy and sweet, just the way i like it.

all the sides are amazing. cornbread is ridiculous, collards are fat-backed and delicious, and the mac and cheese is cheesy and mac-y and wonderful-y. and to top it all off the people who run the place (steven and martha) are super nice, in that old southern 'rockin on the front porch, sippin sweet tea, and talkin about the world goin by' kinda way

and now that we've been a couple of times and they recognize us, martha chooses the biggest fattest ribs for our plates. i think i'm in love with her.

(also, no white folks in the joint, which signifies great bbq and a hidden jem)

this place is perfect.


Heidi said...

you forgot about the awesome fried okra!

klydelanta said...

i thought they had the boiled okra?

Heidi said...

I just know they were good!