Sunday, October 03, 2010

saturday, mini golf, and go-karts

expiring groupon prompted a malibu grand prix trip. first we feasted at lupitas. some mexican fare nearby, that turned out tasting really good. well, at least the lunch fajitas did. then off to malibu!

kinda crowded, and we seemed out of place cause we weren't chaperoning or being chaperoned. we started off with a little mini-golf, which i, of course, dominated. then some racing, then more golfing and racing.

i had forgot how much fun go-karting is. our motley crew consisted of:
combat veteran dan
and action jackson (not featured cause he busted out early)


here we have action, tucker, and cvd after a rousing game of mini-golf

action silently judges, as tucker throws up gang signs

only way cvd could be cooler is if he was smoking

death machines...OF DOOM!

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