Friday, October 15, 2010

spicy sweet teriyaki chicken wings, version 1.0

so for tuesday night roomie dinner, i was up and i made some chicken wings. now i have a good teriyaki sauce that i stole from an uncle. took me about 10 years to drag the recipe out of him. had to get him drunk at a thanksgiving, and even then he only gave me the ingredients. and i found out later on my own, that he had left one out. sneaky asian bastard. took me about 5 years to get all the ratios right. and it's pretty damn close to the original. but i thought i could improve on it. and the roomies got version 1.0 of my spicy sweet teriyaki wings.

spicy buttermilk brine for 24 hours

2 different dredges: a thomas keller concoction and a tony chechere's cajun seasoning one, also more buttermilk to double dredge some of the wings for extra crispiness.

the setup

the tony chechere double dredge(left) and single (right), with teriyaki sauce

the thomas keller double dredge(right) and single (left), with teriyaki sauce

being version 1.0, there were a lot of lessons learned.
things that worked, and things that sucked the big one:
1. double dredge makes it too too crispy. chicken gets lost in all that extra batter.
2. there was almost no heat to the wings, even though the brine was spiced, and both dredges were spiced.
3. single dredge added awesome crunch to the wings.
4. a buttermilk brine makes the chicken super moist, but not mushy.
5. needs waaaay more heat....somehow
6. wings need to be cooked bw 200 and 215 degrees, especially small batches.
7. this will mos def have to go through 3-4 more test batches before i go public.

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