Thursday, December 02, 2010

thanksgiving + 4loko = cabbageball

so the saturday after thanksgiving, we hosted a intimate get together for close friends, a post-thanksgiving-potluck-extravaganza, if you will.

the menu consisted of:
ktl - cajun fried turkey, probably the most perfect one i've ever done
cvd - boston cream pie, cake, and these little chocolate-cream-cheesy things that'll make you crap your pants because they were so good
woots - garlic and cream cheese mashed potatoes, which i would kill your family for, and white cream gravy
tucker - dressing that was so delicious that after i threw it up from over eating, i ate it again
action jackson - mac and cheese, and not just regular mac and cheese, like old black grandma mac and cheese. mm mmmmmm mmmmm
the wiler - cream-corny-veggie thing that was so awesome that i later bathed in it and gained superpowers, and also a cranberry/pear pie, apple pie, and sweet potatoes.

unfortunately i only have pics of the turkey. but we had the rest of that food lined up all buffet style. and it was one of the best thanksgiving meals i've ever had. so a big thank you for everyone that attended and brought something to eat. this will definitely become a kirkwood tradition.

the rest of the day was spent lounging, grazing on food, throwing up food,watching georgia take on tech (gooooo dawgs! sic em! woof woof woof), food, vomit, lounge, get the idea.

then the 4loko. then CABBAGEBALL!

this game was concocted many moons ago. it involves cabbage (and other assorted fruits and veggies), a bat, and some social lubricant.

here are the pics from the festivities. enjoy...

my most perfectest deep fried turkey, in all it's gloriousness

i broke that turkey down korean-style!(which means i used math and science to guide me)

cvd and woots in a food coma

me and tucker awakening from a food coma, action jackson might be dead

war changes a man....into a really lame wizard

choose your weapon!

my only decent pic, bc cvd has no idea how to use a camera

once i took over camera duties, and got the timing down, these gems appeared.

"watch out, tucker! it's the fearsome greentailed iceberg-lettuce-dove!"

cvd hates veggies

and boom goes the dynamite

everyone within a 3 block radius got oj-ed with this swing

probably my favorite pic of the night
thats like some slo-mo explosion stuff

so i have like 3 tuesday night dinners to catch up on, and maybe i'll post another tv theme song trivia. but since we didn't have any guess for the last installment. it might be discontinued.

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