Sunday, December 05, 2010

live fast! eat well!

my saturday consisted of good food, being a janitor, and watching da foosball.

me and the wiler went to a trendy local spot. the sweet auburn curb market.
felt like the greenwich village market, just a bunch of vendors: fruit, produce, meat, and small restaurants. pretty cool.

our goal was grindhouse killerbuger. because food is mah thang. the restaurant is just a long bar with an ambiguous ordering area. the service was good at first, then got a little crappy. too many friends talking it up, and not enough working. but they were projecting voltron above the bar, so all is forgiven.

burgers were excellent. highly recommended.

here are the pics...enjoy!

form feet and legs! form arms and body! and i'll form the head!

afterwards i had to go to work and steamclean for about 3 hours, which was awe....some.

then watched football the rest of the day.

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