Sunday, December 26, 2010

poorly written movie reviews for the laymen!

had some time on my hands, so i checked out a few movies...

winter's bone - 4.5/5 - didn't really hear about this in the theaters, saw it make some top ten of 2010, so i decided to give it a shot. glad i did. just plain awesome. set during the winter in rural missouri and arkansas. about a teenager trying to make ends meet, and trying to find her father. jennifer lawrence plays the overburdened teenager perfectly. and john hawkes steals every scene he is in. the pace, story, and just overall feel of this movie was spot on. you could feel the cold and desperation coming outta the movie.

scott pilgrim vs. the world - 4/5 - innovative hipster/cera superhero relationship movie. yeah yeah, i know i should have seen this a while ago. lots of hype, and mostly lived up to it. slow at parts, but really entertaining the rest of the way. some really great cameos, and i loved kieran culkin.

the fighter - 4.5/5 - go see this movie. bale is amazing as always. adams nails trailer trash hawtness to a tee. and wahlberg, going back to what he does best, being from massachusetts, like his role in the departed (thanks to fts for the reminder) except not so brusque. go see the fighter.

i've now started in on mad men season one, after finishing up it's always sunny in philadelphia. yes, that was another show that i should have been watching for a long time now. thanks to max anger for peer pressuring me into watching it. it's an amazing show that has no redeeming characters, yet it works.

on deck for movie watching is either, the kids are all right, up (this comes on the movie channels a lot, but i keep missing the first 10 mins, which i've heard is the best part), exit through the gift shop, and audition. we'll see which one strikes my fancy, and i'll put up a poorly written review about it!

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Grant McCreary said...

just started watching Mad Men. Only two episodes so far, so no firm opinions yet.

And they were correct about Up. The intro is amazing, and one you would see only in a Pixar animated movie.