Tuesday, December 28, 2010

another movie review by the highly unqualified!

true grit - 2.5/5
me and cvd went and saw true grit last night at some luxury mall in atlanta. what could possibly go wrong? coen brothers. western. bridges, damon, and brolin. that should be a friggin amazing movie. but oh no. it was not. i didn't care a lick about a single character in that movie, except for MAYBE bridges's, rooster cogburn. everyone else was one dimensional, and if they lived or died, didn't matter.

admittedly, i came into this with high expectations, because of all the stuff mentioned above. when i left, i felt like the coen brothers had ripped me off. there was at least one shining star, lucky ned pepper played by barry pepper. loved his character, wish there was more screen time.

other things that bothered me:
lots of humor thrown in, maybe too much. little too much pedophilia with damon's character. course ANY pedophilia is too much, so there's that. no character development. eh.

and i still think unforgiven is the modern western all others should be compared to.

if you haven't seen true grit yet, wait for the dvd/netflix.


joaj34 said...

Of course you didn't like it.

Scott Hall said...

That's disappointing to here, especially since I (also) thought this movie was supposed to be awesome.

I'm not sure I've seen Unforgiven; Tombstone is the bar for me.

klydelanta said...

come on, you liked this as much as tombstone or unforgiven? it doesn't even come close.