Thursday, February 26, 2009

White Diana '08 "Attack of the Lame Gifts"

If you don't know what White Diana is, here is Max Anger (who hosts the party) explaining:

Q: What the shit is a White Dianna party?
A: A White Dianna party is a White Elephant party. A White Elephant party is one where you bring a gift wrapped gift (aka the gift in its duane reade bag) and partygoers take turns opening gifts - or stealing other peoples gifts. Joy, Christmas spirit, and hilarity ensues. Then a little madness. Holiday madness!

Q: Why do you call it a White Dianna?
A: Many, many years ago, ex-gf and succubus maximus Dianna demanded I hosted a White Elephant party... for her friends. Despite all her mustachio-ridden demands (she had a wicked awesome mustache, that no one mentioned until they broke up), I invited my friends too, and we had a blast, and her friends all sucked and brought shit like Barbara Streisand DVDs and other lame ass gifts that all ended up at my place anyhow. The Friends of Max Anger Coalition, however, saved the evening with true holiday debauchery. Now it has become a time honored yearly tradition and one that reminds us of Christmas and the joy of my many, many failed relationships.


So, this year I brought hungry hungry hippos, a pancake scented candle, and a stripper scented candle. Mrs. KTL brought a gift certificate to a sushi restaurant that was hidden within a dead fish, tilapia I believe. The Shonker actually ended up leaving with my gift, and subsequently burned off a chunk of her hair with the stripper candle. But luckily I was there to save the day...and some of her remaining hair. There were other pretty awesome gifts, but mostly pretty lame cause there were A LOT of newbies, who had no idea how to buy for this party. Hopefully next year we can whittle down the guest list and keep only the imaginative ones. Here come the pics, enjoy:

We bought Max Anger some dishes. he had none bc he lives like a hobo.

2 gay guys and KTL

AC chillin next to the christmas tree

2 lovely ladies Mrs. KTL and RFG (Ren. Fair Girl)

CB and his new friend

This was the guy who got Mrs. KTL's present (dead fish with sushi gift cert.)

Another two lovely ladies, The Shonker and Mrs. KTL

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