Wednesday, February 23, 2011

yeah yeah, chili contest pics

this year me and cvd teamed up to take on the chili contest.

pre-game setup. all my spices and whatnot on the left, and dan's station on the right, and this year's secret weapon.....POPOVERS!

chili was basically the same as last year, and that was my job
and here are dan's amazing and delicious popovers
which served as bread bowls for the chili
(let's not talk about how many we couldn't use)

the setup at the contest
and here comes my chili contest fuel, high life.

this was taken afterwards, missing kimchee and green onions, but you get the idea

and of course, winners winners chicken dinners
the trophy cvd has will have our names engraved and kept at the bar
and im holding the take home one

3rd place, 1st place, and 2nd place

next year will be a totally different recipe, but for now, me and cvd can wallow and root in our win. woot!

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