Thursday, February 10, 2011

coen brothers, true grit, and a horror movie

rumors of coen brother's next film

am i the only person that did not like true grit? well, didn't like is too strong. it was an average throw-away movie. and no. i wasn't the only one, thankfully i have cvd, who also shared in the averageness. by box office sales, it is the coen brother's biggest hit, which should be a little telling about the quality.

just look at some their filmography:
raising arizona
no country
big lebowski
o' brother
blood simple
you get the idea

it's strewn with amazing-ness, awesome-ness, great talent mixed with masterful skill. BUT not a single blockbuster. critically acclaimed stuff for sure, but no blockbuster till true grit. it was something for the masses and not even close to their best work. every single one of those movies i listed is better than true grit. i just don't understand why people liked this movie. maybe it was just cause it was the coens, and they can do no wrong? maybe because it was better than the original (which sucked)? who knows.

but i will say that i would very much look forward to a horror film. in the interview, it seems like their joking, but i hope not.


joaj34 said...

"I'm klyde, look how cool me and my roommate are because we both didn't like True Grit. Everybody else is wrong, it was total shit. The Cohen Bros best stuff was their lowest grossing stuff. blah, blah, blah, williamsburg, blah, blah, ironic beard, blah, blah"

klydelanta said...

seriously, i thought you people were supposed to be jolly.

joaj34 said...

Not me. I suffer from what has been labeled, "paper-towel rage." Either way, you and your roomie are just plain wrong about TG. I call bullshit on your preference.

klydelanta said...

johnny: What’s wrong with the Righteous Brothers?!

klyde: Nothing, I just prefer the other one–

johnny: Bullshit!!

klyde: How can it be bullshit to state a preference?