Wednesday, February 02, 2011

ack my arteries!

so on saturday me and the crew went to iron age. a korean bbq place, with an all you can eat option. which i optioned for.

the meat quality was so-so, but for 13.99, a great value.
you could get the brisket and pork belly, with a bunch on sides.
3 different dipping sauce, which were needed
also got the big bottle of soju.

ironage might be a little intimidating for the newbies, since the waiter would only really come by if you sounded a little button on the wall next to the table, which when pressed would let out a scream in the kitchen area. quite disconcerting at first, but then got kinda fun.

so here are the pics:

this was the aftermath, imagine the entire tray being filled with delicious meat.

pork belly (bacon, really)


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