Friday, March 20, 2009

Disturbing Movies

I don't watch a lot of disturbing movies (ie Gremlins), but I do love movies. So every once in a while I go on a freaky-movie-kick. What got me interested was an article on ign about top 15 most disturbing movies. I had seen some like Requiem for a Dream, Exorcist, Clockwork Orange. I haven't seen most of them, and the one's I had seen, it had been a while. So the list got me to thinking, I need to broaden my movie watching experience. Too many chick flicks, action movies, and indie films.

So here are a few movies that I picked up and will watch in the near future. Now these aren't scary movies per-se, but more disturbing ones. Ones that I'm told will stick with me and give me chills long after I finish watching. Awesome (there better not be any Gremlin in these movies)

I Spit on your Grave
Jacobs Ladder
The Strangers
A Clockwork Orange
Last House on the Left
The Exorcist
The Hills Have Eyes

Some modern ones, some old ones. Im excited. I will enjoy.

*update: here's the link to the article IGN


The Moviegoer said...

You've got some good ones on there. You've got some nice "classics" waiting for you. (I assume you're watching the originals, not the remakes, although the new The Hills Have Eyes is pretty good.) I'm a big fan of The Strangers and Audition. I Spit on Your Grave just made me feel dirty.

thisisntjimmy said...

No Haneke films on the list?! I know you've seen Funny Games but you might check out Seventh Continent for a different type of "disturbing" from him. And there's Cache which I just loaned to the Robinsons and they enjoyed.

jinx protocol said...

Eraserhead is curiously missing from this list. As is From Justin to Kelly.