Thursday, December 20, 2007


so thanksgiving was like a month ago, but thats okay. this was my first year not spending the holiday with my own family. we usually head off to my uncle's place, who serves up a table full of turkey, ham, steak, lamb, lobster, crab, stuffing, and other accoutrement. cause there is nothing like thanksgiving lobster. he is also the guy who has nothing but corona and blue label for the over 21 crowd, so, of course, i get hammered on blue label.

this year mrs. ktl and i passed on the hassle of flying and driving and family drama, and stayed in nyc for our first thanksgiving away from home. so we decided to have another family dinner without the drunken korean karaoke, but instead replaced one family for another. the people included max anger, mr. and mrs. tadpolebear, myself and mrs ktl, luke, and manhattan wes. and here we all are around our bountiful harvest:

please note that max is eating out of a trough. he only managed one plate, but it was a plate the size of the dinner table. we were later joined by activated charcoal and a friend of mrs. tadpolebear.

we ate, we played video games, we ate, we slept, we ate some more. max decided to make approximately 2 pies per person. mrs. ktl outdid herself and made the beautiful turkey and plenty of other thanksgiving day delights. and everyone chipped in and made it a wonderful first thanksgiving away from home.

check back for the white dianna party post.

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jinx protocol said...

I've had so much to catch up on. Compared to usual, you're writin' like Stephen Freakin' King.

Do you ever watch How I Met Your Mother? Reminds me of you guys.

The Thanksgiving Feast looked awesome! Also, dude, sorry I missed you all during Christmas. My brother's wife had her baby, and so I had to welcome in a new member of the Fam.