Thursday, October 23, 2008

no top 25, but ill pick some games

So I'm not going to pick the Thursday night game, since I'm watching it right now. But I would've said WVU 20-13. No offensive coordinator hurts Auburn, but since WVU can't game plan against an offense they have no film on, they should look weak the first half, adjust at the half and pick back up.

So here are the rest of my picks for the top 15:

1. Texas vs Ok St. - Texas rolls. Colt is too much and the D is ferocious, giving up late points with the scrubs: 45-24

2. Bama vs Tenn - Bama has trouble with Tenn without Mt. Cody, but not that much cause it's Tennessee: 41-21

3. Penn St vs Ohio St - Pryor is the X-factor here. How will he perform in the big game. I like his attitude, but I like Penn's Spread HD and smothering D. But has either team really played anyone? Not Penn St and Ohio St. played USC and lost, so I call this a toss-up: 31-27 Penn wins.

4. Oklahoma vs K State - Easy win for Oklahoma: 45-17

5. USC vs Arizona - Both teams coming off big wins. But USC already had their "oops" game: 28-10

6. Oklahoma St.

7. Georgia vs LSU - LSU's only decisive win was against North Texas in the first game of the year. But Georgia's is banged up and injured. I think the Dawgs come in hungry: 41-24.

8. Texas Tech vs Kansas - Dammit can we stop ranking these overrated teams into the top 10. When you play NO ONE you don't deserve to be up here, I'm looking at you Texas Tech. Not that Kansas is all that good, but this will be upset city. 35-30 Jayhawks

9. Ohio St.

10. Florida vs Kentucky - Kentucky has great D, Florida has Tebow, and a run game. 30-24 Florida barely pulls it out.

11. Utah - Again, another completely overrated team. Look at who they have played. Their toughest game was 2-5 Michgan and they won by 2 points. Ugh, get these guys outta here. Joaj, you are retarded if these guys are your BCS buster. See #12 for the real buster.

12. Boise State vs San Jose St. - Boise State is the only real team that should get into a BCS game. They beat Oregon and they have history of beating other BCS teams. They have a strong D giving up 7 or less to everyone but Oregon. 38-7

13. LSU

14. TCU vs Wyoming - TCU is fo real, or at least can beat overrated teams. Wyoming sucks balls. TCU wins big 42-0

15. Mizzou vs Colorado - 2 straight losses for the Tigers, and they still haven't found a defense. Colorado sucks real bad though. Tigers gets back on track 52-20.

I'm only doing the top 15 for now. I might put up the rest of it tomorrow night, but probably not.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Short economy post

If you think you understand the current crisis in the're a moron.

Here's a pretty good explanation from the smart guys at "This American Life". Listen to both of them and get smarter.

First episode

Second episode

ps - get ready for some awesome pics from my brother's wedding

pps - and my first post picking this weekend's college games